Saturday, December 26, 2009

Still a Reformer?

On my quest to find myself, I keep taking these personality and career quizzes waiting for one of them to tell me that there is a rock star or artist inside me just waiting to emerge but it never happens. They all keep telling me that I'm right where I belong. So, why am I not feeling that these days? My emotions are so intertwined with work and I seem to be taking everything personally these days. That is no way to conduct business. This is a new experience for me as I am usually so good about keeping the emotion out of it.
According to Uri Geller's Life Signs, I am a Reformer. The Reformer likes to do things the right way. She is opinionated, judgmental and quick to anger if rules are broken. Critical of herself even more than of others, the Reformer strives to be at her best and sets high standards. Self-knowledge is essential. The Reformer will exhibit the best in human nature to cope with a difficult, essential role (such as a lawyer, police officer or social worker). The Reformer is not seeking stardom as she will never care for the good opinion of the world if she feels that the world happens to be in the wrong. So why am I chafing at the role I have been so used to? Why is it not feeling right? Uri says that an embittered Reformer can be dangerous. Should I be concerned about this or is it just a "holiday funk" I'm in?

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