Thursday, December 10, 2009

My "Expression" Number

You may remember that I had a mini-numerology reading. The Expression number describes your potential natural talents and abilities - mine works out to be a 4. This is what it reads:
You believe that action speaks volumes more than words and express your respect and love for others by using a practical down-to-earth approach. You believe the greatest path to your own personal truth is to live by your personal convictions. For this reason, you are often very concerned with taking care of yourself, maintaining your belongings and property and making sure that your family and children are well cared for. You are a diligent, hard worker who is always willing to lend a helping hand but only if it is for the good of all concerned. You don't have much patience with arrogant people and you openly express your dislike of people you consider to be controlling or pushy. Sometimes this resistance expresses itself as an outright defiance of authority. You are very courageous and almost always right but often your willingness to fall on your own sword for the sake of principle also makes you "dead right."
As you can be quite rigid in your opinions, you often end up in many
arguments. One of your challenges may be to learn to express yourself
in a way that does not seem autocratic or bossy to others. Your role in society is to create structures that bring fulfillment to the highest of human aspirations. You are a wonderful planner and administrator and you know how to facilitate organizations and services that meet people's needs. You are creative, intelligent and have an attentiveness to detail that can border on obsession. Your self-discipline and willingness to practice until something is perfect also leads fours to careers in performance, especially athletics and music.
So, would you say this reading is right about me?

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