Monday, December 7, 2009

Live Life Solid

Because life is short...
roll with it.
don't gossip.
say yes.
talk less.
listen more.
be patient.
love deeply.
hug your kids.
hug 'em again.
face your fears.
have no regrets.
seize the day.
do right.
never waiver.
make memories.
good job.
now go make some more.
Live Life Solid.

Be solid in your thoughts. Solid in your actions. They define you.

This came from the Live Life Solid website ( I really like what they stand for. Now I'll be the first one to tell you that it's not always easy to be positive when fighting cancer but it is my goal to remain upbeat and positive. I do not have the strength to fight when there is negativity as it takes too much energy to be negative. The website states this: Live Life SOLIDTM was just a tiny spark of an idea a year ago. We were tired of the constant barrage of negativity and discouraging news that seemed to be everywhere...on television, the internet, in papers and magazines, on the radio, in daily conversations, at work, at home, standing in line at the store, driving in traffic and on and on. It grew old, it got depressing. We decided to take a step away from that negative energy. We decided to fan that tiny spark of an idea and do something positive with it! Slowly, the spark began to grow. The concept of bringing a brand to folks that spoke positively was formed. We worked and reworked our concepts, or, as we like to call them, our "solidisms" until that little spark roared! Our wish? That our positive energy apparel and gifts inspire people to think twice about their thoughts, their actions, and most importantly - their consequences. Our choices in life define us and inspire those around us more than we will ever know...

I am choosing how I want to live this life. I own this cancer! That's the statement I am making with the "buzz cut" and by fighting this out loud. World take notice--I am a survivor!

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