Sunday, November 1, 2009

What do I want?

What do I want? While a powerful and liberating question, it is also scary. While we don't have to act on what we want and wanting doesn't equal getting, the ultimate creativity is being in touch with your undiluted desires. Do we really believe that to be successful we must do more and do it faster? I realized that all the rules I live by have been self-imposed, based on the "I should do it all" philosophy. Perhaps it is time to stop and feel, to tune in to what I really want and really know. I think I've been searching for the "holy grail of balance" - to be right, satisfied and on top of things. But now I think true balance comes only when we are in touch with ourselves.
I'm always sure that there is a rock star or an artist somewhere deep inside just waiting to be discovered. Some questions that I am asking myself are: What do I want to learn in the coming months? What do I need to dump out of my brain to make more space for what I would rather focus on? Creative self, what enchantment and soul food are you hungry for?
Since being diagnosed with cancer, I now often ask myself, "How do I choose to spend my time and energy? " As I've said before, time flies when you have cancer. Time becomes a precious commodity. It's a question I ask when faced with a decision or an invitation. I try to choose carefully.

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