Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First round of chemotherapy done!

Today was my first round of chemotherapy. I am receiving the drugs carboplatin and docetaxel as well as anti-nausea meds. Actually a whole boatload of ant-nausea drugs! You'd think I wouldn't need anymore after what they infused me with but they sent me home with 3 prescriptions for anti-nausea! It wasn't bad other than a little nausea and this terrible taste it leaves in your mouth! They tell me to expect fatigue to hit within the next couple of days (probably Friday). I first had to have lab work done and then see the doctor before I could start the chemo protocol. Of course they had to have a machine malfunction in the lab that delayed all of us so I'm told them that's what happens when you let the new kid in. I seem to have electro-magnetic tendencies because I can walk into a room and crash computers! I once shut down the entire Motor Vehicle Department (yes in all 102 counties) for 30 minutes. It was my paperwork in the computer that caused the malfunction! I am now barred from that particular facility (just kidding). Then the doctor had been called over to the hospital for an emergency so that delayed seeing him and getting the ok for chemo. He was quite apologetic so I assured him I had cleared my calendar for the day and was not complaining because they had gone out of their way to accommodate me when I was first diagnosed.
They then started me off with a fluid flush, then anti-nausea meds, then the chemo drugs. I was told to expect to be cold but I never was. They keep dum-dum suckers on hand to help with the bad taste in your mouth but I had some tic-tacs in my purse so I didn't eat any candy (kudos to me). They also have snacks like fruit, crackers and drinks. Bert came with me so she ran out to pick up a healthier lunch since we were running 2 hours behind. I had turkey on 9 grain bread with a little cheese, mustard, lettuce & tomato. I only managed to eat 1/2 of it. I have felt a little queasy off and on tonight so I broke down and took some anti-nausea meds. Unfortunately they can suppress your immune system, make you dizzy and cause headaches. Geez! So much to look forward to!
So chemo wasn't so bad after all. I was surveying everyone about how chemo affected them and everyone was very forthcoming which helped me be more prepared, although I realize we are all different. But I did freak out as one lady came in and sat next to me who looked really, really sick. She has breast cancer, has lost her hair and currently resides in a nursing home. She told me that she has Stage 2 breast cancer (as I do). I can only think that hers has spread to other areas because she seems and looks so ill. She was very nice and I tried to converse with her but weird thoughts kept going through my head. I was thinking "I don't want to look like that" and "Oh my god, my family's going to put me in a nursing home!" I was freaked out enough to start texting people about how freaked out I was because I sure couldn't say it out loud! I was done at about 2:30 pm (started out at 8:45 am). I do have to return to the clinic next week (Mon - Thurs) for shots to keep my white blood cell count up. So much fun to be had!
I do want to say thanks to all the folks out there that checked in with me today either by phone, email or Facebook. I appreciate that I was on your minds and you were sending me positive thoughts and prayers. I know that's what got me through today. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my family and my co-workers who are holding down the fort for me. But, because I felt ok, I did go do a live interview tonight on WCFN, Channel 49 discussing our financial situation. I must have had chemo brain already as I gave the wrong toll-free hotline number - I said 866 instead of 877 but corrected my mistake and their website will show the correct number. Maybe you shouldn't let me out and about?!

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