Friday, November 6, 2009

The Crash is a coming...

Today was an ok day because I only had a little nausea this morning and the heartburn is subsiding. But still not much of an appetite. They warn of food aversions but aversion to all food? Whoever would have thunk it? I managed to get a full day's work in but it was exhausting. The news media continued to follow-up, which was great but then there was paperwork that was needed immediately, calls from Springfield to take, discussion with the Board President and donations which took up a lot of time, keeping me there until after 6pm. But, it needed to be done and that's my responsibility. I did get "chastised" several times by others for not taking care of myself but I had to do what needed to be done. But I do appreciate the concern and promise to take it easy over the weekend!
We are still chasing the government dollars but the community is stepping forward to help. Carle Foundation Hospital donated $10,000 today and another $8,800 came in from personal donations. The United Methodist Church of Urbana donated $2,000 and offered the use of their food pantry. The groundswell of support is a big boost to the morale of the staff. We're still rattling the bushes looking for the volunteers we know are out there. The staff remaining at AWF are feeling positive and everyone is pitching in to make it work. There will never be any way that I can convey my appreciation to them. Even though the crisis is not yet over, I feel like the tide is turning. I will do everything within my power to keep the doors open and the program operational. This crisis will become an opportunity for an even better organization.
Unfortunately, while I feel that today was rather productive, and I felt pretty ok, I can feel the big crash approaching. I've been pushing the fluids as instructed to work the toxins out of the body and that takes more energy than you could ever possibly imagine. I fear what tomorrow will bring. Good thing it's the weekend!

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