Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pleasant Weekend in Cancerville

All in all it was a good weekend. Yesterday we went shopping in downtown Champaign and got our H1N1 vaccinations. Then we all got our hair done and had a nice buffet meal right here at home. We treated ourselves to cupcakes from Cakes on Walnut and frozen custard from Jarling's Custard Cup! Today, we took the dogs (Harley & Rudy) out to the Dog Park to romp with the other dogs for a couple of hours. Then, I went to lunch with my friend, Jacque. After lunch, we went shopping. It was an enjoyable few hours. It was nice to feel normal and enjoy good food and time with good friends. My focus was truly on me this weekend.
You see, rarely can I ever devote 100% of my attention to anything. If I'm at work, the cancer is on my mind. If I'm dealing with the cancer, work is on my mind. If I'm trying to get something done at home, I have Mike to deal with and cancer is on my mind. It's inescapable! Someone recently told me that perhaps it is good to have all your crises at the same time so you get them over with. If I could get some reassurance that I've had more than my share of crises and now I'm done, I'd be inclined to agree. So, I'm gearing up for Round 2 of chemo (scheduled for Wednesday, November 25). I know you are all jealous of the fun Thanksgiving holiday I'll be having. But I fear that after this second round, my hair will be only a distant memory. For now, I still have my hair and plan to stay in denial about losing it!

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