Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's Tarot Card

A daily tarot card gets sent to my email every day. Today's is the Fool. The Fool card affirms that my alter ego today is a Quantam Leaper with a hero's heart. My superpower is liberated by free will and trust, which lead me to explore simple speculations for their own sake. I can move beyond the fear factor. I don't know where I'm going, and I don't care where I've been. I only know that, as the hero of my own story, its for me to find out. For like Alice, I'm on the verge of stepping into a rabbit hole; unless I stop short and play it safe, I'll know soon enough where following my own feet has landed me on this curious venture. The blissful frailty of unwritten conclusions and unguarded access sweetens the desire. So despite familiar warnings, irresistible promise draws my eyes wide open and away from domestic comfort zones, with only certain inquiry, hope and faith to recommend my course. I'll never know until I try. But, am I willing to risk it? Can I give up what's safe and comfortable and make the leap? It seems that the choice could soon be made for me.
It was a crazy day at work as there is still no money. We can't keep asking people to work without knowing if they'll get paid. I fear a massive lay-off is imminent. My only hope is that we can maintain a skeleton crew to at least keep the doors open. I definitely feel the strain and hate going into chemotherapy with this hanging over my head. I really don't want to be the Executive Director that shuts the doors of the shelter. I hope we can ride this out but I'm beginning to wonder. This "job" is certainly not fun anymore. Maybe it's time to take my toys and go home? God give me strength to persevere!

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