Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stressing Out

A breast cancer diagnosis and stress—you can pretty much count on the two going hand in hand. Now, a new study is raising hopes about the effects of therapy and relaxation techniques on the well-being and survival rates of women with breast cancer. Learning how to handle the stress of a diagnosis and treatment in the first year may help such women live better and longer, researchers say. Psychological therapy, such as talking with a counselor, improving diet and exercise habits, and learning new coping skills and relaxation techniques, can provide big benefits—from increased immunity to better survival rates—in cancer patients.
Yet I sit here stressing about work. The State has only sent us 1 payment in 4 months and that only covered about 6 weeks of service. Bills are going unpaid and making payroll is in question. I'm trying to be optimistic, hoping against hope that money arrives soon, very soon. Tara's right when she's talking about it helps but I wish I had the solution. I'm trying hard not to worry but I fear more layoffs if something doesn't give soon. I keep picturing myself having to move into AWP to answer the hotline! Believe me, that doesn't help the stress level!
So, I researched stress management (surprise, surprise) and this is such good advice I decided to post it!

Give Stress a Rest-Five Ways to Decompress

*Just say "no" - There are only so many hours in a day, and if you're already overloaded with items 1-5 on your to-do list, it's OK to say no when someone asks a favor. It may give you a sense of control, and being in control can have a positive effect on your stress level.

*Yoga? You know it!
It may seem like stress is all in the head, but it has physical effects, too.
After all, if you're stressed, you can end up feeling too busy to exercise.
But don't forget, exercise is a great stress-buster. So why not try yoga?
Yoga's focus on breathing along with stretching can help you feel calmer
and more relaxed.

*C'mon, get happy - What makes you laugh? Really, really laugh. Comedies? Spending time with friends and family? Your dog or cat? Well, whatever it is, if it makes you laugh, it's a good way to relieve stress and relax. So laugh it up all you want.

*Take a break - Simply giving yourself time to relax may help reduce stress. So give yourself a break! Whether you spend it in another country or in the backyard, if you've got a vacation coming, take it.

*Tick, tick, tick, time management

Think ahead: When you've got a lot on your plate, preparing yourself in advance goes a long way

Make a list: Writing down the things you need to get done – and the fun of scratching them off as you go – helps keep you organized

First things first: Prioritize the most important things you need to get done every day. And worry about the rest later.

So, I'm going to try to stop stressing out about work by trying some of these suggestions. Wish me luck!

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