Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soy or Not?

It was such a crappy, rainy day that I spent the day doing more research. I really wish I could go back to work-I feel like I'm "loafing". So cancer research will have to suffice. There is so much controversy surrounding the question of breast cancer patients eating soy . says the concern about soy is that the estrogen-like substances (isoflavones) in soy may stimulate the estrogen receptors of breast cancer cells and make them grow. It's this potential danger that makes many doctors warn their breast cancer patients against eating soy products. Then you find other information that says a small amount of soy is ok. I'm so confused!!! Reliv is a soy-based nutritional supplement and now I'm wondering if I should continue using it?
I'm happy to say that as I've spent more time researching the anticancer diet that pasta is not completely out of the question. Spinach pasta, Jerusalem artichoke pasta and whole-wheat pasta are ok as long as it's no more than 2x a week. Tara says that the whole-wheat pasta is pretty good. I can also have butter (not margarine)--Yeah! Looks like I'll also be eating lots of veggies. For supper I had chicken breast and a mixture of vegetables (okra, tomatoes, corn, asparagus and carrots) which was actually very tasty. I'll be hanging out at Strawberry Fields looking for organic foods I can eat.
I ordered some books on cancer today. I ordered the book Rick loaned me, Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients, as it has so much good information. I started to take notes but it is so chock-full of good info, I decided I needed a copy. I also ordered a couple of books my friend Tess (from the fabulous Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence) suggested-Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide and The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide. I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful, caring friends who have taken the time to also research the issue and offer suggestions. Back to the surgeon's office tomorrow to have the fluid buildup checked and drained if needed. I shouldn't be allowed to have this much fun!

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