Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight's post is much later than usual as I was "working" tonight. It was AWF's Freaktini fundraiser! I do believe a good time was had by all. But it's been one hell of a long day! I started the day by ripping open my incision. It wasn't all the way, just a small portion (about 1-2 stitches). So, I put a butterfly bandage on it and headed off to the doctor (I had an appointment anyway). He fixed me right up and reviewed my lab work with me. As a diabetic, I see my doctor regularly. My A1C is now 6.0 (needs to be less than 6.5), my "bad" cholesterol is now 97 (needs to be less than 100) and my liver function is now normal (used to be abnormal). I know, I know who ever thought I was normal anyway, right? I needed to see Dr. Walker because next week I start chemo and I'll be taking steroids which will raise my blood sugar. He thinks I'll be just fine.
Then, as I'm driving by McDonald's, where I no longer eat, I see the marquee which tells me "McRib is back". Bastards! The one item they sell that I find hard to resist. So, I decided to have one last McRib meal for supper. When I finished, I was sorry as it sat so heavy in my stomach. I think I'm "cured" as I probably won't have another one. Then it was off to Freaktini. Tonight Tara got to be the boss as she conceived the Freaktini idea and was the one who pulled it all together (absolutely fabulous work by the way) and I was her assistant. Unfortunately, I shirked most of my responsibilities by schmoozing with others instead of following her directions, so she fired me from that position. I would have to lodge one complaint and that is that Tara wouldn't let me enter the costume contest. After all, I had the best costume. I was the one-boobed woman! How much freakier can you get?
I decided to take my own advice and "blow off some steam"! I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I hung out with AWF's finest volunteer, Carol B. and her son, Tim and daughter-in-law, Kerri. Tim & Kerri came down from the Chicagoland area for a visit. We had a few drinks, told stories and laughed till I almost wet my pants! Downtown Champaign is a happening place and we just added to it tonight. Too bad we can't have that much fun every night! Or can we?

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