Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hair Loss

I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with losing my hair! They continually warn me that I will lose my hair because of the aggressive chemotherapy protocol. This is what I pulled off of

Hair loss (also called alopecia) is when some or all of your hair falls out. This can happen anywhere on your body: your head, face, arms, legs, underarms, or the pubic area between your legs. Many people are upset by the loss of their hair and find it the most difficult part of chemotherapy. [I'm ok with all hair other than what's on my head falling out.]

Some types of chemotherapy damage the cells that cause hair growth. Hair loss often starts 2 to 3 weeks after chemotherapy begins. Your scalp may hurt at first. Then you may lose your hair, either a little at a time or in clumps. It takes about 1 week for all your hair to fall out. [What lovely holiday memories to look forward to!] Almost always, your hair will grow back 2 to 3 months after chemotherapy is over. You may notice that your hair starts growing back even while you are getting chemotherapy.

Your hair will be very fine when it starts growing back. Also, your new hair may not look or feel the same as it did before. For instance, your hair may be thin instead of thick, curly instead of straight, and darker or lighter in color. [I vote for straight blonde hair!] Anyway, I'll try to get over myself before the hair loss starts but I can't guarantee it!!

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