Saturday, October 10, 2009

My sojourn

This is a Sojourn Cancer Bear that my dear friend, Ellen Fondren, had sent to me. Sojourn Bears primary mission is to make cancer bear-able by providing inspiration and comfort to adult cancer patients through the distribution of original hand-made teddy bears. The message is "This bear is given as a sign of love and understanding from one cancer patient to another. To sojourn is to stay for a time or reside temporarily. It's our hope and prayers that your time with cancer is a short sojourn with a happy, fruitful ending. We've learned that hugging is the perfect cure for whatever ails you. At least if it doesn't make you well, just seeing or hugging a teddy invokes a feeling of warmth, security and whimsy in the hearts of all ages. We encourage you to hug your Sojourn Bear often. It will take in your joys and your fears. Our love and bears hugs are with you."
I have received cards, gifts and positive energy/prayers from so many of you that I'm beginning to lose track. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming but greatly appreciated. It's nice to know how much people care. It has also made me realize that things should never be left unsaid. Our loved ones should know how we feel about them. I know that I could not face this fight without all of you. While I often draw strength from Hannah, Bert & Mike, I sustain my strength because of all of you. So, thank you for being there when I need you most. Most of you know how much I hate asking for help but I haven't even had to ask. Thanks for making it easier.

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