Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am an "official" Derby Girl!

I did it! I passed my Roller Derby Skills test tonight! I will now be placed on a team. I am so stoked! Ok, so I was a bit of a maniac tonight during the test and I'm sure it wasn't pretty but I passed. I "threw" myself into the falls and practically tore my knee pads off. But I was just so damn hyped up. I am happy to report that all my practice jumps paid off as I nailed my jump on the first try. After celebrating with my derby girls with a round of drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings after the test, I came home and woke up the household to tell them the news! I couldn't help it. It was such a significant accomplishment for me at this point in my life, I wanted to shout it from the rooftop! I'm so very excited because I am almost 47 years old, battling breast cancer and yet, can still be athletic. I have proven that I can kick cancer's ass!!! Softball has always been my game and I always gave it my all. But now I think Roller Derby has replaced softball as my favorite sport. Melissious Intent (hopefully I spelled that right) and I are trying to figure out how to become Professional Roller Derby Girls so we can quit our jobs to do what we love!
Today's tarot card was the Justice card, which suggests that my alter ego is a portal to a Reality Check, whose access to where truth lies is guarded by the superpower of my Karmic Credit/Debit Card. The verdict or results are in and I will get the payoff or payback I deserve today through the natural laws and cycles of accountability, reward, truth and consequences. But the ""return on my investment"" will diminish or intensify until I finally notice or reap the message sown loud and clear. Whichever way it comes in, at least it happens for a reason and keeps my life in balance. So today when it comes full circle, whatever the result, I accept that I will use it as an opportunity to either try again, make amends or make it right. Let it come around in its own time, keep my hands off the wheel while this ride is in motion, or impose my brand and risk paying the price. The two most important laws governed by Justice are really two sides of the same coin. First comes the law of cause and effect, stating that all events are connected and each present state is the result of all past states. This is a such strange idea to get your mind around because sometimes seemlingly meaningless actions will have great ramifications. Justice shows that every action you do will eventually have an effect, someday, and you really have no idea of knowing what that event is until it happens. Often the figure on the Justice card is pictured sitting in front of a curtain; this curtain hides the machinations of the universe that bring about these final results. I have to believe it's about Roller Derby because all of a sudden everything seems so clear and life feels balanced!
Congrats to all the girls who passed the test tonight as well as those who passed last week. To those taking the test next week, I know you will do it. We are all sending you our positive energy and support. It will be an honor and a privilege to be teammates with any of the Twin City Derby Girls. And for those of you who end up on the opposite team, it'll be fun to "kick your ass"! And No Coach, I'm not sorry I said that! Derby On!

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