Saturday, January 9, 2010

Suggestions for managing fatigue

Still feeling puny today. Cure magazine has the following information re: managing cancer-related fatigue. Studies have shown that exercise, such as light- to moderate-intensity walking, reduces fatigue and improves physical energy, appetite, and quality of life. Prioritize daily activities and use time management to save energy for the things you care about most. Do important tasks and activities first thing in the morning, take on lower priorities later in the day, and allow others to help with additional chores. Plan your activities during the times you have the most energy, and try easier or shorter versions of activities you enjoy. Find other ways to conserve energy when possible. Some suggestions from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center on ways to conserve energy include: Do housework sitting down when possible; prepare double portions of food and freeze half; sit down to bathe; let a grocery store employee carry bags to the car; and when bathing or dressing, minimize leaning down or reaching. Plan your day so you have time to take short naps—no longer than 30 minutes—between activities and try to exercise a little each day. Establish a normal sleep pattern and, as much as possible, optimize your activities and medication schedule to allow you to get enough rest. Eat a healthy diet and make sure you are getting proper nutrition, vitamins, and fluids, but limit caffeine and alcohol intake. Because cancer and its treatments affect appetite and tastes, it may help to consult with a registered dietitian about a strategy to get all of the necessary nutrition in your diet. Guess I'll have to try these. I'm actually starting to get hungry...think I'll send Hannah out for some Chinese food!

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