Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I haven't written lately as I've felt so crappy. It seems that since chemo, I now pick up every respiratory ailment that comes down the pike! It sucks. I've managed to keep up with roller derby and work but not much else. Hannah brought home a copy of Loophole, the Literary Magazine of Urbana High School. She had a poem she wrote published in it. The poem is about her dad's accident. Be warned, it's pretty powerful stuff!


I carry a scar no one can see.
One July day, a crash,
and my Dad was taken away from me.
Life as I knew it was gone like a wind.
Where once was my heart I could feel a crater begin.

My dad never returned.
His brain function diminished.
He acts like a child.
My life with a Dad is over, finished.

The crater that has taken the place of my heart,
sometimes feels so deep and dark.
Good days come,
where I can breathe and smile.

More often now, it's been quite a while.
For years we hoped
there would come a light
into his eyes, but only darkness of night.

They say he's better now,
but my Dad isn't there.
Only a stranger
and for me he hasn't learned to care.

The crash left a hole
I know is here to stay.
My heart's an empty park
I just want to remember how to play.

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