Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barbie and the Jello Pool

A friend asked me if I missed the "old" Mike. I told her yes, because we used to be a lot of fun. Let me tell you a story about how much fun we were. Way back when, there was this bar out on West Springfield Avenue called City Limits. They featured "jello wrestling". This consisted of women in bikinis wrestling each other in a ring full of jello. Yes, you read that right, women in bikinis wrestling in jello! Would you believe that Amateur Female Jello Wrestling actually exists? They say it is a female-run sports satire. They mix showmanship and sportsmanship into a fun event where women get to show off their sense of humor as well as their bootie! Google it and you won't believe what you'll find.
Anyhow, our friend Char talked us into meeting her out there on jello wrestling night but then stood us up! So of course we gave her tons of crap for blowing us off! Char's daughter, Kayla, was at that impressionable age and apparently we talked about it too much in front of her. She was playing with her Barbie dolls, who were getting married. She said they were headed off on their honeymoon and planned to go swimming. Char asked her if they planned to go swimming in the hotel swimming pool when she exclaimed, "No, in jello!" Char was ready to kill us! So, of course, we had to take it to the next level.
We decided to make a Jello Barbie Pool and stick it in her yard! The original plan was to get a kiddie swimming pool, fill it with jello, drop a mannequin in it and put it in her front yard. The pool and the jello were easy, but do you know how hard it is to find a mannequin? You have to know that this was before the Internet Age so after many, many phone calls trying to procure a mannequin, we had to resort to plan B. Plan B was a pie tin filled with jello, with a sign proclaiming it "Barbie Pool" with a generic Barbie plopped down in the middle of it. After it got dark, we parked down the block from her house and snuck into her yard to strategically place the Barbie Pool where it would be seen (as it turned out no one was home). Easier said then done! We spent a good 20 minutes arguing whether to put it on the front porch or by the back door. I'm surprised her neighbors didn't call the cops on us! We ultimately stuck it on the back doorstep and then raced home to wait for the phone to ring.
Well, we waited and waited. Turns out she didn't notice it when she returned home but her son, Ryan, did when he came home. He asked her what that thing was on the backstep and that's when she finally discovered the Barbie Pool. She couldn't help but laugh even as she was on the phone trying to give us holy hell about our prank. I told her she was lucky we couldn't pull off our original plan because then she'd really be pissed! The funniest thing was that Kayla asked if she could keep the Barbie! Of course we said yes. That's how much fun we were!

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