Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roller Derby is serious!

Not a lot of "me" time today even though it's Saturday! I ended up at work for about 2 1/2 hours as it was pouring down rain. I did manage to get my required mouthguard for derby and study the rules some. I also reviewed the required proficiency skills and hand signals. This is some serious shit, now! In order to be put on a team, one has to pass both the written test and the skating proficiency test. We are beginning the testing process this month.

So many myths abound about Roller Derby so I will address some here:

Myth: Derby girls are rough and rowdy — nothing but trouble.
Fact: Though we’re rough and tough on the track, this is a sports team dedicated to good sportsmanship. Our goal is to provide strong, positive female role models, give back to the community and promote the sport of roller derby (and have a little fun while we’re at it).

Myth: Roller Derby is staged, the whole game is fake and the winner is decided before the players take to the track.
Fact: Roller Derby is a true sport, and as such, all the hits, plays and penalties you see play out on the track are real and not “staged.”

Myth: You can tell the hits and fights are fake because they don’t get hurt.
Fact: All skaters are required to wear protective padding and train to fall in order to minimize injuries to themselves and others. But injuries can and do happen. EMT and other trained medical personnel are present at all bouts to ensure skaters receive immediate medical attention in the case of an injury.

The new generation of derby skaters pays homage to the theatrical tradition of the past but play by real rules with real penalties, real referees and real champions. Modern day roller derby is a fast paced, hard hitting, explosive sport.

The Twin City Derby Girls is a skater-owned and operated nonprofit organization. All of our skaters, referees and support staff are volunteers, and even put up their own money to play.

WE ARE STILL RECRUITIN'! We are still looking for skaters, volunteers and sponsors. Be sure to check out our website at


  1. Do you have a Derby name yet? Joel is dying to know what to call you and put on his sign!