Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Obsessed with death?

For a while now, I thought that I was obsessed with death. Then, I found this on the internet:

5 Ways that Prove You are Obsessed with Death

Your Favorite Websites are:

www.mydeathspace.com at this website you will find the recently deceased myspace members and the cause for their deaths. This website allows you to view their myspace page as well. A warning, some are very sad and disturbing!

www.deathclock.com go here if you want to put in a little information about yourself and see when "The death clock" predicts you will expire. They use different little things that you do to predict this event.

www.deathsearch.org this is one of the largest Death and Obituary databases there are online. Here you can find anyone that has died in the world, for a fee of course, in less than a minute.

Your favorite things to do:

Visiting cemeteries and looking at the pictures on all the graves. Maybe taking snap shots of the graves and when you show the pictures adding that you admired the flowers. Checking to see the birthdates and see if they match your own or someone you know.

Your favorite things to read:

All the books and magazines that cater to poor old Hollywood tragic short life situations. Maybe, you've just become obsessed with sad poets such as Sylvia Plath, Sarah Hannah or some of the others that have commited suicide and write such deep depressing poetry and thoughts on it.

Your favorite DVD's:

You have all the faces of Death movies 1, 11, 111, 1111..worse of faces of Death, faces of Death fact or fiction etc... These are movies that "supposedly" show the faces of real live "deaths". It is very graphic and not for the young or sensitive!!

Your favorite things to write:

Your "Last Will and Testament" is an absolute necessity, but some people change their will several times a month!

Writing poetry and journals that speak of death as though it was going to happen in the next second.

Ok, I will admit to #3, reading about those who have died tragically but I guess I'm not so obsessed after all! The truth is we all are going to die eventually, but it is not healthy to dwell on it every day, not for your health or your state of mind! That's good because I like to think I'm obsessed with living these days!

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