Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farewell to The Boob

Today at work we had a "Farewell to The Boob Party! Tara baked the boob cake. It was so realistic that one boob was slightly larger than the other! The cake was banana w/ cream cheese frosting. It was tasty. Tara could start her own business baking boob cakes. There was good food and good friends. Laurie bought me a mullet wig for when I lose my hair w/ chemo. I have yet to try it on. When I do, we'll have to take a picture.

I had a brief confab with the surgeon's office today. Apparently we are all of the mindset that both boobs need to come off. They will have a definite answer after all the tests are over. The PET Scan is set for tomorrow morning. I have not been allowed any caffeine at all today and it's killin' me!!! It makes me crazier than usual. Then to top it off, my mother brings me cream-filled bismarks from my all-time favorite bakery (Pfaff's in Pontiac) and I can't have 'em. I have to wait until after the PET Scan. I have to hide them from the rest of the family or they'll disappear before I can have any!

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