Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking ahead

Today was the day they had originally scheduled my surgery but since I couldn't get in for the MRI until tomorrow, surgery was pushed back until Friday. It's probably a good thing as I'm still tying up loose ends at work. Every time I think I'm done, I find something else! I really want to leave the place in good shape during my absence.
As you may have already figured out, I'm all about research. I found this information at the Susan G. Komen website: Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States alone. Treatment for the disease has improved, and five-year survival rates are now greater than 90%; however, survivors have a significantly increased risk of developing a second breast cancer in the opposite breast. This is exactly why I think they should take 'em both! We should have a better idea if that's a possibility after tomorrow's MRI. But then again, we're dealing with PersonalCare!
My friend, Kim, a yoga instructor and substitute staff at AWP, has suggested yoga as a complementary therapy. Researching it, I found this (again on the Komen website): Several studies in cancer patients report enhanced quality of life, lower sleep disturbance, decreased stress symptoms, and changes in cancer-related immune cells after patients received relaxation, meditation, and gentle yoga therapy. I will have to take her up on her offer to teach me yoga! Kim, be warned-the last time I tried yoga I was kicked out of class for snoring!!!

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  1. I've had people like you in my yoga classes over the years. we just rolled them over and hoped the snoring tess