Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Circus Freak

Last night as Hannah & I were walking the dogs, we saw one of the exotic dancers entering the Silver Bullet Bar. I made the comment that now I couldn't work there. Hannah said that maybe people would pay to see the one-boob woman. Then she says, "Better yet, you could be a circus freak!" She's such a smart-ass (must get it from her father). It made me laugh because I often threaten to run away and join the circus--apparently now I can! I immediately thought of Dr. Phreak's Traveling Freak Show from the movie Bubble Boy! I then thought about other movies that make me laugh, like Vacation, Caddyshack & Spaceballs. So, if anyone has other funny movies they think I should watch, please let me know. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.
Most of the time, I'm ok but occasionally I find myself choking up when I go to say the words "I have breast cancer". And sometimes tears come with that. It makes me feel absolutely crazy but I'm told that's normal. This emotional roller coaster sucks! I swear that every time someone says something, all I hear is "boobies". Today at work Stacy (our IT guy) spoke to Rudy (our dog who visits at work) and instead of "Rudy" I heard "boobies". I guess the phenomenon is "Boobies on the Brain"? Tomorrow's the PET Scan. Stay tuned...

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  1. I just came across your blog by googling "roller derby and breast cancer" because I wanted to know if I'd totally be setting myself up for lymphedema (other issues, etc.) by getting involved. But anyway, I read this post and thought, holy cow, I thought a similar thing and shared it with my best friend: now I can't be a prostitute because no one would want a one-boobed hooker. Ha! Like that was ever an option. ;) Anyway, best of luck to you!