Saturday, February 26, 2011

Queen of the Box!

Today at boot camp we did some off skates training. One of the classes was blocking off skates. We played Queen of the Box. You remember the childhood game King of the Hill? It's like that. Two people try to push each other out of the box and the one who pushes the other out, wins, which makes her "Queen of the Box". I was pretty awesome as the Reigning Queen until Coach Smack Ya Sideways decided to join in the fun. Now whatever possessed me to take on a woman who is like the Rock of Gibraltar and must have come out of the womb skating is beyond me. She nailed my ass! I went from Reigning Queen to the ugly stepsister in a matter of seconds. I don't think my left shoulder will ever be the same! We then practiced hip checks and can-openers on each other. Coach Smack later led a blocking drill where we practiced getting all up in each other's business. My practice partner took me down to that damn hard cement we've been skating on although I did manage to kick her in the coochie on the way down. But I landed on my left shoulder, making it hurt even more.
Another of the classes I attended was with Bonnie D. Stroir. She did a session on setting goals and visualization. She said that you need to write down your goals, visualize them and have faith. The funny thing was is that today's tarot card was the Star card. The Star is a card of faith, both in your own power, and in powers greater than your own. What exactly is faith? It could be said that faith is a conscious belief in an unconscious experience, of which we may not be directly aware, but of which we can still feel the effects. This definition fits both belief in a deity and belief in your own abilities. Having faith in any power will allow that power to manifest in your life. Beleiving that something will happen is as sure a way as any to make it happen. There is a lot of meditative imagery on almost all renditions of the Star, though the most interesting symbol on the Rider-Waite version of the card is the pool of water at the center of the scene. On some decks the naked woman is standing in the pool, but in the Rider-Waite version she kneels beside it. Her right foot rests on the water but does not break the surface. Once faith is placed in its power, the pool of the subconscious becomes able to support the conscious mind. The miraculous ability to walk on water is symbolically translated here into the ability to trust in another power, whether in the heavens or in yourself. Once that trust is achieved, anything is possible. All you need is something in which to place your faith. So trust in yourself, and in whatever powers you believe control the universe, to help you through difficult times. The infinite energy of the Star warms you and rejuvenates your soul, to provide the strength and the clarity of purpose you need to continue on your journey. It must mean my roller derby journey, right?!

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