Saturday, August 17, 2013

I made it to 50!

Whew!  I made it to my 50th birthday.  A few years back I wasn't sure I would.  I celebrated my birthday by spending the weekend in my hometown of Pontiac, IL with one of my best friends - Sharon.  We attended a birthday party thrown by our high school friend, Dan, who was also turning 50.  It was fun riding around town in Sharon's convertible, checking out the old haunts like Mario's Pizza and Bob & Ringo's.  It was the perfect way to celebrate.  I had considered having a big blowout for my 50th but when I thought about it I decided that I prefered something more low key.  Once you are diagnosed with cancer, things you once considered important (like big birthday bashes) are no longer so important.  

I welcome my birthday--the day I get to add another candle to the cake--not only for my years on this earth, but also for my years as a cancer survivor.  After all, the only way to avoid growing old is dying young. I am trying to avoid joining that club!  Lets face it, we've all survived something: cancer, a bad break-up, the death of a loved one, a failed career and we're still here on this ridiculously fabulous planet for yet another year.  Isn't that a miracle?   Maybe one day, someone will have a cure for cancer and cellulite. Wouldn't that be great? Talk about having your birthday cake and eating it, too! 
Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm doing back flips about getting:
A. Crow's Feet
B. A Wrinkled Neck
C. Chicken Wings
D. Saggy Boobs
E. Grey Hair

F. All of the Above

But I do intend to get so old that I do end up wrinkled and gray and stooped.  I'll whack people with my cane and wander around my nursing home yelling, "Move bitches" and "Bring the 'Paign"!  Who would like to join me there?

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