Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am still a derby girl!

Woo Hoo, today I passed my roller derby skills test! My teammates will just have to continue putting up with me! On April 8, 2010, I wrote a blog entry entitled "I am an 'official' derby girl" when I passed the test the first time. And today, I am still a derby girl! It remains an honor and a privilege to be a Twin City Derby Girl. Again, I wanted to shout it from the rooftop! Instead I celebrated by having a sushi lunch with my sister. We finished off the meal with Creme Brulee! It was delish and just right. When I saw Hannah this afternoon, she asked me if I passed my test. Just to mess with her, I told her "No". She looked so 'paigned (get it "paigned" instead of pained) and asked "Really, you're kidding". Because I was so elated, I couldn't keep it up any longer as I gave her a big smile and said."Yes, I'm kidding, I passed".
Today's tarot card is the Knight of Cups, who is in touch with his intuition, emotions and dreams. He also represents wisdom that comes from your dreams to help you surmount obstacles in your life at the moment. Beneath his calm exterior he is a man of intense passion, though he generally diverts this passion towards reaching his goals and making his dreams come true. His is an idealistic view of life that is scorned by the active and despised by the realist. Inversely, he has no tolerance for people who cannot believe in their dreams. This suggests that my power today lies in passion. Pursuing and expressing my hearts desire honors my love, passion, and beauty and is worth waiting, courting or crusading for. What I lack in external means, qualification or ability, I make up for with a true and dedicated heart. I am not a victim therefore I do not need to be rescued. I am empowered by patience or self-worth and my gift is emotional availability and devotion. I make sure I am in control of my life and my dreams. Must be talking about derby!
So congrats to all the derby girls who passed the test today as well as those who passed on Wednesday. To those taking the test next Tuesday, I know you will do it. We are all sending you our positive energy and support. I will be there to cheer you on! TCDG KTFA

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