Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011-Year of the Poop?

This is a picture of the Toilet Mug I got Bert for Christmas! I was reading an article about the 10 worst Christmas gifts and knew I had to get it for her. After all, doesn't every plumber need one?
The Chinese Zodiac says that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which occurs from February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012. The Year of the Rabbit should be a peaceful year, much welcomed after the Year of the Tiger. Rules and regulations will not be as strictly enforced and people will have fun and relax. Overall, it should be a moderate year with an easygoing pace. But I think it's the Year of the Poop! Between Mike and Harley, all I've done today is wipe asses! Although, technically it's still the Year of the Tiger, which might explain the poop! Seems that drama, intensity and change were the keywords for 2010 [ya think?] The Year of the Tiger brought far reaching changes for many of us.
As it was, I was born in the year of the Rabbit. My Chinese Horoscope says the hare simply leaps over obstacles in his path and recovers from calamities with remarkable resilience. No matter how he is tossed, he lands on his feet. He may not be close to his family but will make every effort to provide them with the best of everything. His soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is protected by an armor of cautiousness and sagacity. In life, the Rabbit will avoid being drawn into conflict at any cost, unless, of course, it affects him directly, at which time he will take the appropriate measures to protect his interests. [Mike's friends always said that Mike thought he was the bad-ass of the relationship but they all knew it was me]. There is no great inner struggle in the Rabbit's heart between the forces of good and evil. He believes in his own ability to survive, relies on his own judgment and is at peace with himself. [I am pretty fabulous!] His is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment. In any situation, you can always rely on the Rabbit to be in control of herself. She will notice the license number of the getaway car or remember that the driver was wearing camel-colored trousers or elevator shoes. And while you are at the police station filing that report, she will calmly recall all the details and help you answer all those irritating questions.
So, what will 2011 bring my way? More poop for sure but hopefully a new job. Before Christmas I did receive a call from Florida asking if I would be interested in another position they have open. I told them I'd be happy to discuss it with them. I immediately called my friend Deb and told her that we might have to "road trip" it to Tallahassee! I'm waiting to hear back from them to discuss the position and determine if it is worth my while. But can I really give up all this poop? Hell, yeah! But I would most certainly miss my Twin City Derby Girls. Luckily they do have roller derby in Tallahassee. Just 2 more weeks and the new season begins. I can't wait!!! I (heart) derby!

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