Saturday, August 28, 2010

God I love this sport!

You may be getting tired of hearing my expound on and on about Roller Derby but too damn bad! Once you're hooked, you are really hooked. Just ask any derby girl, they'll tell you. It's like that Cheerios commercial where the woman says, "I'll keep playing until I break a hip and then probably a few more years"! Last night The 'Paign played the Damaging Dames. I'm not even sure what the final score was but I know we lost. Congrats to the Dames for a fine show!!! Special thanks to the Hot Tamale fans who came to watch: Mike, Mom, Bert, Hannah, Megan, Sue, Todd, Steve, Deb, Countrell, Kim, Amanda, Anna, Leslie, Sven, Johnell, Karrie, Lori & Lori's friend (sorry didn't catch her name). Bert made the awesome poster there in the picture and she & Mom tossed boxes of Hot Tamales to those in the stands. I understand that even some of the Dames fans took some so I guess that means they've been converted and are now 'Paigniacs?!
For those still not sure what roller derby is, imagine a hockey game, but replace the ice with a roller rink. Swap out the baggy jerseys for fishnet hose and tank tops, and abandon ordinary names in favor of pseudonyms like Melissious Intent, Towanda Steel and of course, the ever popular Hot Tamale! That's women's roller derby. The scoring is completely different, but both sports are rowdy, raucous and may sometimes even be punctuated with fights between the players. I must tell you that the Twin City Derby Girls work hard to stay above that sort of craziness that will get you ejected from a Bout. Unlike professional hockey players, the vast majority of roller derby participants are unpaid. Most actually spend money on the sport -- they purchase their own equipment and pay monthly dues to support their leagues. Teams usually practice several times a week, and injuries are common. So why pay money to work, compete and possibly get hurt? Why take the time to re-learn to skate? What makes it fun?
Since every league is the product of its skaters' efforts, no two are exactly the same. But a few traits are common across the board. Skaters tend to wear uniforms that give their team a distinct identity. They also adopt a persona for their competitions, complete with a derby name. The blood is real. This is not the fake, scripted roller derby of the 60’s and 70’s, every hit is real. Nothing is staged. We’re all in it to win. I love the idea of being on skates, and competing. I remember all the fun I had on roller skates as a kid. I love the technical aspects of it, the costumes, the roller derby names. I am fascinated by it all. It becomes all consuming. It’s a passion; it’s a lifestyle. It's like I found my calling. I like the aggressiveness. It's like football on skates, without a ball. I always wanted to play a contact sport. I love it. I like hitting and I like getting hit. It’s fun! Derby’s awesome! It’s got speed and full contact, and a lot of really strong, athletic women. You meet interesting people from all walks of life. They’re the coolest women. We’re all different, but we all come together to share a passion and a sport that we love. That said, I can tell you that there is not a skater in the league I wouldn't love to be a teammate with or any coach I wouldn't want to play for and we have the most awesome officials around.
But I must show my love for The 'Paign. They are my team and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. I have the privilege of skating with these most fabulous women who accept me for exactly who I am-one bad ass derby bitch with blue & black hair! Love ya all!!!

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