Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ten of Cups & Ten of Swords

Yesterday's tarot card was the Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups refers to cycles completed, journeys finished and lives well lived in the company of others. Serenity and peace are in the air, and for a moment you can simply forget about all of the material troubles of the world around you. Nothing material matters here, just the eternal happiness that has been earned through trials and obstacles. This success is not a fleeting or temporary one, but a lasting peace and harmony that can truly be enjoyed. There are no regrets over the past, no concerns for the future, so you can live in the moment and seize the day. The only caution of the Ten of Cups is to not squander these precious times that have been given to you. Don't take your happiness for granted or it will only slip away. Don't let this time stagnate, but rather keep it in a constant state of growth and rejuvenation. Don't go looking for problems, just sit back and enjoy what you have.

Then today's card was the Ten of Swords. This card usually symbolizes a sudden and unexpected failure or disaster, a power beyond your control that humbles you without warning or mercy. Karma, the law of cause and effect, has free reign in the Ten of Swords, so a past misdeed may indeed be the source of future trouble. Sometimes you will be able to change this outcome, but most of the time you will simply have to bear down and take the hit. The positive side is that the Ten of Swords is the final ordeal, and no more pain will come to you from that source. It is darkest before the dawn, and as gloomy as it looks, the sun will rise again. This card is the ultimate teacher, and it shows you how to learn from your mistakes and misdeeds so you never have to fall prey to the evil side of the Swords suit again. When this card appears after a painful situation, it is a signal to pick yourself up off the ground and start thinking about what happened to you and what you have to learn from it. Hidden deep beneath the surface of the Ten of Swords is the ultimate power of the Swords suit: the ability to analyze your ways and learn from yourself. True wisdom does not come from without, but from within. The Ten of Swords is a sign that what you have gone through was not without purpose. The great positive power within you can be used to learn from your pain and draw wisdom from defeat. This is the Swords ideal.

I can't help but think this has something to do with my employment situation. I'm very happy at Community Green, but since it isn't providing any income yet, I'm feeling the need to find a paying job. I had a job interview earlier this week, have another one scheduled in November and am hoping for a third one soon. But, I have decided that no matter what, I will not stress over it! If it is meant to be, it will be. If I am supposed to stay at Community Green, I will figure out how to make it pay. If not, one of the jobs will come through and Community Green will take a back seat. Stay tuned to find out what happens...

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