Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introducing Community Green

Hi all, I know that I have been uncharacteristically quiet lately but I'm back! Sorry to be out of touch for so long but I've been busy...and I mean really busy. I, along with my sister, started a nonprofit called Community Green. That's Bert in the picture there, leaning on the counter we built by reusing an old door, some bead board, wood scraps and leftover paint. We only had to purchase 2 x 4's and some braces. Talk about reusing and repurposing! Community Green will help the citizens of Champaign County improve their lives through greener living. Here’s how we'll do it:
* Community Green will conduct energy audits, including for low-income residents of Champaign County. Our trained experts will check and measure energy use, pointing out ways to improve comfort while reducing utility costs.
* We will be able to help “Green Up” new construction with practical energy-saving information and connections to experienced contractors.
* Housing advocacy services to assist community members in obtaining and/or maintaining stable, energy-efficient housing.
* Community Green will teach and communicate… with outreach programs to community groups.
And we are not just talk! Community Green is all about putting energy-saving ideas into action. So we won’t just give advice, we will follow up with homeowners and builders and make sure the job gets done. “Conservation” does NOT mean “sacrifice.” Making smarter choices in how we use energy can make our homes more comfortable and our lives easier. At the same time, getting energy smarter means saving money, breathing cleaner air, fighting global warming, and helping our country become less dependent on foreign energy suppliers. There was an article in today's paper. You can access it at The News-Gazette online, in the business section.
Today was our "Grand Opening" for the Resale Shop. The revenue from the shop will help to support services. Most of the items in the shop were donated by our family and friends. Their generosity and support helped us to get this venture off the ground. We met a lot of new people, picked up some donations and even gained some consumers needing our services. All in all, a most awesome day! At this time, we are an all volunteer organization. We do accept donations and even offer pick-up service for donations on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Our hours are Thursday 1 pm - 6 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday Noon - 5 pm. So, if you need a place to send your leftover yard sale items, think Community Green! Also, should you be looking for a volunteer opportunity...again, think Community Green! The Resale Shop is located at 2200A E. University Ave. (next to Casey's). Come visit us soon and Go Green!


  1. Awesome and congratulations to you and Bert.

  2. Congratulations! I will keep my eyes peeled -and of course, I will need to check out this resale shop. Happy to advertise for you!

  3. Tami,
    I'll have some items for Community Green after Sunday. Are there any particular items you're looking for? I have a 4-person outdoor patio table with folding chairs, a TV stand, a digital scale, a only used once yard seed spreader, and possibly some children's toys. Is it ok if I swing some buy next Thursday (June 30), and then a few more on Friday. Plus, it'll give me a chance to see what you have!