Monday, July 5, 2010

The Eight of Wands

It's been a weird few days. Friday, July 2nd marked the 5th anniversary of Mike's motorcycle accident. It came and went almost without a thought. Normally, we lay low and let the day pass quietly. This year, it was like a normal day. We did nothing to acknowledge it and carried on as usual. Saturday, July 3rd was my granddaughter Gaby's 1st birthday. We really wanted to be there for her party but due to my recent unemployment, money is an issue. Besides, we had tickets to “Scars and Stripes Forever" featuring Indianapolis' Circle City Socialites versus the Code Blue Assassins from the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls of Bloomington, Indiana. The Socialites won 110 - 30. The Circle City Socialites are an Indianapolis all-girl roller derby league. They were founded in 2009 and operate independently of the seven other roller derby leagues in Indiana. Like most of today's roller derby leagues, they are skater-owned and rely on the support of volunteers. The Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls are Bloomington, Indiana’s flat-track Roller Derby League. Founded by a small group of women with a vision in August 2006, they now consist of two teams and over thirty skaters. The 2010 Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls consist of two teams, the Flatliners (in their fourth season) and the Code Blue Assassins (beginning their second season).
Today's tarot card is the Eight of Wands which suggests that my power today lies in climax. It has all led up to this moment of anticipation and there ain't no stopping it now. I have thrown my "hat" in and given it my best shot and have just as good a chance as any -- but the outcome is still up in the air. I am ready to accept what lands, sticks, misses, or hits the fan. When it rains, it pours. I am empowered by the potential payoff in this direction and I transform through timing or focus under fire. Generally this card refers to swift and decisive action, in the form of a sudden release of energy. This burst of power clears away confusion and negativity, opening up lines of communicaton and starting events in motion. It's like the wind of a hurricane, that throws everything out of its path. Obstacles will be swept our of your path and you will be free to advance as fast as you like. Beware, though, of becoming too hasty and impetuous, for that is the warning of the Eight of Wands. Action can be quick and still well-thought, but it cannot be hasty if it is to have an effect on the world. So take things in stride, but hold nothing back. If there have been major obstacles in your way, you now have the power to get rid of them - either by the new energy within you or by the communication skills that this card gives you. So go looking for stubborn problems and see just how many you can solve now. All the pieces of your life will seemingly fall into place and you will see the big picture for the first time. Sweeet!

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