Monday, December 5, 2011

Just call me Pariah

"I have to say that life has gotten so much better since I have arrived in Santa Cruz. It is truly a magical place, the beaches have healing powers and there is something to be said for eliminating those who bring negative energy into your life. My friend, Tami Tunnell, says negative energy is like a cancer that eats away at your soul and body and as a cancer survivor, I believe her. I suggest - cut them out, get alone with your on thoughts, closer to God and take care of your body, mind and soul. And never forget to honor and support your family and TRUE friends emotionally and spiritually. You never know, you might be the only positive loving voice they encounter in a day. Peace!!!! "
~ Dawn Fridrich

Ok, so I'm thinking about changing my name to Pariah, because that's what I'm feeling like! I was turned down for yet another job today. (It's hell to be unwanted!) And to top it all off, I was told by someone who just met me for the first time today that I needed to get my priorities straight. Excuse me?! I'm fascinated by those who can judge me without having any idea about me or my life. Maybe I should have asked exactly what I should do differently? But I am not willing to hang on to the negative energy. Reading what Dawn posted yesterday on Facebook was just what I needed.

Have you ever had a similar conversation or incident that left you upset for a day or two? How can you release that negative energy? One easy way is to simply brush it off. When people often offer this well intentioned advice, they aren't speaking literally - but here I am. Literally, take one hand and brush your arms, legs, head, and back. Understand that energy literally sits around us so wipe your body clean, like you were removing a layer of dust from your skin. You'll instantly feel better as the cloud of bad energy is brushed from your immediate surroundings. It's best to do this outside and ideally in nature (like on the beach).

Another technique is to shrug it off by shrugging your shoulders, literally. Energy, especially the energy of resentment, which is the feeling that someone has done something wrong to you, often sits in our shoulders - along our gallbladder meridian. By shrugging your shoulders up and down several times, you're helping that energy move and when it moves, it can be removed - instead of sitting stuck inside you. Blowing it off is yet another technique that can help and again, literally. Breathe deeply and exhale quickly and forcefully through your mouth. This will help remove the poor energy from your internal environment.

I think that, short of joining my friend Dawn in sunny Cal-i-forn-ia, my priorities are in order. And while I was offended and discouraged, I do recognize that I am blessed with family and good friends, Community Green and roller derby. Dawn's post was the perfect reminder that no matter what, my friends are there. It's nice to know that someone still loves me!

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